5 Reasons Why You Should Get Personal

If you are anything like me then gift shopping can sometimes be a real nightmare.

Shopping centres can be hectic places and  everything seems generic and something someone else could get. If you are fed up of buying the same old generic gifts for your friends and the lover or are struggling to think of the perfect present, why not consider buying a personalised gift?

Personalised gifts are the perfect way to stand out in a crowd. They can make an average present into something meaningful and cherished forever. 

Here are our five top reasons why personalised gifts make great presents for loved ones.


1. Shows you put some thought into it

When it comes to gifts, people say its the thought that counts. We are not one to listen to "they" but this time we completely agree and a personalised gift is all about the thought. Whether it's one of our personalised Belgium milk chocolates or suede printed cushion with their initials monogramed or their favourite quote, when it's personalised it shows a lot of thought and care was put into the gift


2. They make for unforgettable gifts

While some gifts are easy to forget, personalised gifts are usually valued forever. The key to remember here is to keep both yours and the receivers relationship in mind. A personalised gift allows that personal connection you share to shine through. Whether you too are the "go to for advice" friends or the "Gym bunnies" crew or the "Party till you drop" friends a good memorable personalised gift is one with a story behind it.  They remind one of an overcome hard time, a happy time or a special moment. For example you could get a new mommy who used to be a party friend the following card paired with a wine bottle



3. Get Your creative juices flowing

Get in touch with your creative spirit to create a endearing yet funny  personalised gift. Your partner will enjoy another fun and quirky side of you still seeing your authentic side.

4. Suitable for all ages and genders

Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to buy gifts for someone that is not the same age or gender as you. If you don’t know the person that well, it can also make gift shopping even harder. One of the best ways to ensure you buy the recipient something they love is to purchase a personalised gift. It does not matter whether they are seven or seventy, they are sure to love whatever you have bought them if it features their name, date of birth, or a quote that is special to them.


5. One of a kind

There is no worst feeling than thinking you have bought someone the best gift ever; only to find that someone else has bought them the exact same thing. This can be easily avoided by choosing a personalised or handmade gift instead. Add your quirky character to it as well as a moment only you two or a few could relate to and you'll be sure no one else can replicate it

So next time you are shopping for a gift, think of ways you can make it personal. Look at our spoilt range here to get a head start on the festive gift shopping for all your personalised gifts here 

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